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Player Information

Name: Brit
Age: 26
AIM SN: DamonicGantleman
email: seraphim_sephiroth@hotmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currrently Played Characters: Abraham van Helsing & Will Graham
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Character Information

Canon Source: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Canon Format: Video game
Character's Name: Damon Gant
Character's Age: 65

What form will your character's NV take? W818 Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch CELL PHONE from WILLING TECHNOLOGY:

Character's Canon Abilities: A soul-penetrating stare!
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? The power of Zeussss!!

Seriously though folks, his conditional power would be Lightning Bending, otherwise known as Electrokinesis. Given Gant’s electric personality and his ‘breakdown’ being based on the Greek God Zeus, he’ll have the power to wield and manipulate lightning or other small volts of electricity, perhaps even down to the molecular level, manipulating even the electricity inside a human being to render them paralyzed or to send them into self innervations.

For the sake of his pool-loving self, water will have no ill-effect on him; he’ll in fact act in the same manner as an electric eel would.

Weapons: None to speak of on the way in, but he’ll most definitely end up arming himself in SP.

Character History: http://aceattorney.wikia.com/wiki/Damon_Gant
Point in Canon: Like most PW Guilty murders, Gant is presumed to have walked the Green Mile shortly after his conviction.

Character Personality: Hedonistic, self serving, manipulative, committed for forgery, extortion, arbitrary abuse of power, and a double homicide, one would never look upon the jovial, pool-loving Damon Gant and think ill of him. His outward demeanor is one primed for success. A truly kind smile on his face, laughter at every turn, the truly eccentric man will crack a joke even in the most inappropriate times to try and rile up the grim-faced audience.

It is this meticulously designed appearance that makes him seem like a very trusting and friendly fellow and he will go to any length to make sure you believe in him through and through. Even give you 50$ if you asked, no joke.

This former Deputy Chief of police is not just all manipulation and con-artistry though, his articulate methods for crime-busting had earned him the moniker of “Crime Computer” and situated his spot for promotion as Chief of police. Damon Gant holds no bars when it comes down to seeing justice served, even if he has to take it into his own hands.

Given that he is a diligent workaholic with little time given to his own wants and desires, it’s speculated that this is what drove the Deputy Chief to go vigilante. With such a thankless and arbitrarily taxing job that never guaranteed they would catch the crook or that those he knew to be lawless scum would walk the streets Scott free, Gant devised the greatest coup to gain control of both the Police and Prosecution.

While it’s only speculated that he moldered over this desire long before the event that would turn the tides, the actual intricacy of the plot did not come together under months of deliberation. No, it came in a manner of seconds as Damon Gant overlooked the unconscious bodies of Neil Marshall, Ema Skye, and the murderer he wanted to fry, Joe Darke. His crafty thought process was so quick and thorough that it would have been absurd to accuse him of such a sophisticated scheme. It was practically inhuman.

“You mean you were calculating that far ahead while forging the evidence!?”
-The Judge

“Who do you take me for, a fool? I didn't make police chief by dumb luck.”
-Damon Gant

Lassoing in Lana Skye with emotional blackmail with the very threat that he would let the world see “what Ema Skye had done”, Gant solidified his grasp around the judicial system. It was an even greater blow that he had friends in high places. The Judge, for one, was swayed by his charms and they too became old friends. Gant’s fingers were inside every jar that would win him the guilty verdict against those who would oppose the law.

In his own words he leaked one of his sole intentions:

“Didn’t you know? We aren’t defenders of justice, we’re merely keepers of the law.

Yet if there is one thing that Gant loathes most, it’s pests. Nosey busy-bodies who have nothing better to do than to stick their noses into places that they don’t belong. While seemingly publically open about his affairs, he’s quite secretive when it comes to his true vicious nature. He will do anything to cover it up and make sure that whomever is snooping about him be eliminated.

His plans, his goals, his wants and desires, are not to be trifled with. He holds his self-serving ambitions above all things.

“Sorry, but the only person I care about is Yours Truly. That girl... Lana's little sister, was it? If you think I felt sorry for her, you'd better think again.”

What is so jarring about him is how he carries himself. While in the end he was proven to be a murderer for the sake of his own success and control of the justice system, the actual verdict came as a shock, especially those who claimed to know him best. Gant’s pleasing charm and beguilement is so outstanding that it can fool just about any skeptic, even so much as for one to drop their guard around him almost completely.

None can find fault with his kindly smiles and cheerful laughter. He goes out of his way to be a “Yes man” even when saying yes could lead him into deeper water than he should be swimming in. It goes without saying that he will do all in his power in order for you to like him, so much that one might even feel guilty to ever think wrongly of him. This power of persuasion proved to be Gant’s most powerful suit of armor.

The only chink in this lordly and seemingly unbreakable armor, was the brazen suspicion of a lamentable cowboy. It may have been the proverb of ‘Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer’ that kept Gant from sweeping Jake completely under the rug, but as Gant willingly admitted at the end of it all, he truly did not make a very good criminal.

“It looks like I was better off being an investigator of crimes than a committer.”

Character Plans: Damon is someone I plan to really branch out with. He’s, by nature, a massive social butterfly. While he’ll be aware that attempting to shoot for a position in the Police department would be useless with people in game who knew what he had done, Gant will devise a way to once again feed his hedonism. Likely offering up his specialties to AGI and seeing how high he can climb the corporate ladder till he’s on top again. Also note: Torture Jake Marshall.

Appearance/PB: Gant is always seen in his blinding orange suit, black gloves, and dark red tie. His hair-cut seems as if it were cut by the GODS, and his beard is a shell, your arguments will be invalid against his MAJESTY: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/SeraphimSephiroth/Ace%20Attorney/Gant_bodyshot.png

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[A video blips on, a blue sheen covering it as if the grand figure staring intently at the viewer is submerged in water. His eyes are a wide, almost luminescent green, staring, staring with such an intensity it’s almost uncomfortable to watch.

Before one can think to turn the feed off out of creeping fear, the man’s face splits into a mirthful grin. His voice sounding with absolute boyish glee.]

Well, hell-o, hell-o, folks! Brill weather we’re having here, aren’t we?

A little birdie told me this was Canada, shame that. You all must be tucked away in your little igloos, why I bet you have never even been swimming before!

But before I go an offer up any lessons, I need to get my little niche going. So who’s going to tell me a little bit about themselves? I’m Damon Gant, haling all the wayward down in Los Angeles. A sunny, bright and cheerful place, oh you would probably hate it!

Step right up, don’t be shy, I promise not to nip!

Third Person Sample

Zap! Appearing like the blinding aftermath of a single lightning bolt, a most lordly man in a loud but unbelievably snazzy orange suit stands at the center of the field. While it may be 41°F that morning, his very magnanimous presence at the field seems to up the degrees by 5.7 exactly!

What a shock! He had just laid down with his last request (to die in his Saturday night best) and awaited the death sentence to take him to the fields of Elysium or where-ever Zeus parked his godly derriere so he could take over the joint. Damon Gant had been a naughty boy, he'd be delighted to admit, but whatever was to meet him on the other side would have a force to reckon with.

He had taken his verdict and punishment with class and dignity, but he would regret nothing but his own minuscule over-sight. What more was there to fret about? He had gotten all that he had wanted. Even if he had had it for such a short while, he was nothing but total contentment. So much that he fell into that deep eternal sleep with that trademark jovial smile on his face.

Such a face was marked with a slight befuddlement. Hell or Heaven or whatever this place was, was awfully drafty! Certainly he must do something to warm up before he could properly assess himself. Clapping his gloved hands together he looked about the strange new faces and chipperly exclaimed.

“My, my, it looks like I've gone to that big baseball diamond in the sky! Now who wants to play hardball?”

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