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Mar. 16th, 2024 01:36 am
[personal profile] demon_gent

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Manfred "FREDDY" von Karma
[personal profile] makethemguilty / Mr. Dharma

My old friend from Law school! A doom and gloom fellow, but when he gets hot and bothered he has me all a-quiver in my booties like a little Catholic school-girl!

He and I go way back, but he wont admit just how two-peas-and-a-pod we were, he'd never live it down if the world knew what a party-animal he used to be. "Defamation of character" he'd cry! I think it just adds to his secret charm. Nobody knows Freddy von Karma like I do. ♥

Jake "JAKEY" Marshall.
[personal profile] cowboycop / Mr. Partial

The useless scum-bag who I left to rot down by the evidence lockers. He likes to play dress-up and speaks like a backwater slack-jawed yokel, can't understand a word of his gibberish! He makes a good foot-stool if anything, but tread with caution, he's a regular snake-in-a-boot if you don't watch him carefully.

Miles "WORTHY" Edgeworth.
[personal profile] ergomaniac/ Mr. Unworthy

There's no denying this little ball of lamentations and brooding is my favorite munchkin of the Lawyerly-pop Guild. Poor fellow was the butt-end to a few of my crueler jokes, but I'm sure one day he'll look back and laugh! He gets his no-fun front from his mentor, Freddy, luckily it's not catching!

Phoenix "WRIGHTO" Wright.
[personal profile] ace_attorney / Mr. Wrong

This blue-suited porcupined-head may be a rookie, but his dumb-luck sees him through to the end. I've nothing but good things to say about the lad, but I have to wonder just when that fools-charm will run out. Can't be long now!