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Name:Damon Gant
Birthdate:Jul 7, 1952
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
You know, we should all go swimming together sometime! Jolly!
—Rise from the Ashes

On the surface, Gant was usually jovial and, although he was seen as a bit eccentric, he was a respected leader of the police force. He would make up pet names for various people, such as "Wrighto" for Wright, "Worthy" for Edgeworth, and "Udgey" for the judge. Gant had a habit of playing with his hair when he was mulling something over and clapping whilst laughing when amused. When upset, he would create a long and ominous pause in the room while he simply stared at whoever upset him.

Beneath the surface however, he was cold-hearted, clever, ruthless and calculating. Gant was openly selfish, and he knew exactly how to go about getting something he wanted and wouldn't do anything unless it benefited him in some way.

Gant had a big organ in his office. According to Dick Gumshoe, when he played the organ the sound was very loud, so much so that it could sometimes be heard throughout the building. If one of his subordinates made a mistake, Gant would subject them to a song on his organ. The experience often temporarily deafened the unlucky victim. Phoenix Wright once asked why Gant himself was not deafened, to which Gumshoe replied, with a smile, that Gant didn't listen to anyone else anyway, although Wright said that wasn't the point.

Gant liked swimming and would often suggest communal swimming sessions between himself and others (at one point suggesting that Wright, Edgeworth, the judge and himself should all go swimming together at some point).

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This character belongs to Capcom's Series "Ace Attorney" otherwise known as "Gyakuten Saiban" or more specifically "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney".
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